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Thanks to our experience in worldwide trading, I.L.F Agency is the ideal partner for international customers who want to purchase in Italy by respecting the highest quality standard that only real “Made in Italy” can guarantee.

I.L.F Agency staff is composed of highly skilled personnel, providing continuous assistance in the negotiation between the supplier and international partners in order to fulfill all of their requirements. Staff are always assuring top quality standards both in customer care and products.

We are able to effectively and efficiently communicate and deal with major brands, retailers, department stores, reliable importers, wholesalers, and catalogues in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Therefore, we are able to supply customers all over the world with extensive knowledge of the various European and North American markets. We are continuously expanding our business by opening new emerging markets.

Our main distinguishing features are transparency and the capacity to adapt to customers’ needs: some of our customers have been doing business with us since 1977.  We firmly believe in strong long term relationships based on professionalism and mutual fairness.



We represent outstanding reliable manufacturers all over Italy that we regularly visit in order to guarantee perfect production development during all stages and an accurate filing of all export documents and procedures. We always maintain a fair and professional trading relationship between manufacturer and customer.


We act in the name of and on behalf of our international customers virtually becoming their office in Italy. We plan and oversee the purchasing in accordance with preset buying and budgeting parameters. We “hand pick” the suppliers and negotiate the best conditions and prices in the sole interest of the customer.


We group all various orders of an international customer on a unique “I.L.F.Agency invoice”. The customer will profit from a sole referent/supplier for several brands/product categories. This process is an easier and faster management of all documents with the possibility of pick up/shipment from just one warehouse conveniently located in Central Italy.