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About Us

Our business began in Prato in 1977 when Paolo Cesari opened an import/export office after having worked for several years as technical and sales manager in his family’s knitting mill. In a short period of time, the office became an important point of reference for many knitwear and clothing manufacturers, specializing in the French market. The office developed important relationships with customers in key European markets, such as Belgium, Holland, Germany. The type of clientele is mainly composed of large retail chains, chain stores and established international brands.

In the late ’80s and early’ 90s, the United States became a primary market for the office along with France, where we exhibited with our own booth at several important fashion shows.

In 2002 the company name was changed to I.L.F. Agency, and in 2010 Fabrizio Cesari, Mr. Paolo’s son, joined the staff.  We opened up new international markets in clothing and accessories such as Spain, the Scandinavian countries and the UK.
In addition, the company business was expanded to a new market sector: food/gourmet food. We developed important collaborations with prestigious Italian food companies, for which we maintained   relationships with international chains, specialty and department stores especially in USA, Australia and Northern Europe.

In 2015 I.L.F. Agency becomes associated with an important office in the U.S., becoming partners in the development of this market in the various treated product categories.