Our Services - ILF AGENCY
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Our Services


We carry out market research to individuate the best products according to customer’s needs. We select our suppliers, always respecting the highest quality standards both for the  materials used and production flexibility.

We have a complete understanding of market trends, as I.L.F.Agency sources products based on specific customer’s requests or target prices.  We regularly visit our suppliers’ production facilities and attend all the most important trade shows for our merchandise categories.


Private label and product development became one of the largest and most important activities at I.L.F.Agency. In clothing and accessories, we are able to develop styles from samples or from simple ideas or sketches, that we create by sourcing and selecting the most suitable materials and suppliers. In food, we manage “private label” projects for many international chains, both for retailers/supermarkets and department stores.  We develop a specific product recipe or packaging by creating logos and artwork thanks to our relationship with professional graphic designers.


Purchasing conditions and pricing policies may greatly vary according to the merchandise category, period of the year or geographical area. For this reason, we support our customers and suppliers to obtain the best possible commercial conditions, interacting with all single order production involved parties.


We continuously monitor production status of all orders and follow up with our customers daily on current order progress. We regularly visit our suppliers’ manufacturer plants, where we carry out quality control inspections throughout the whole production process: from the first sample until the order’s final packing. We check that all customers’ production and quality requests are respected, in order to grant an outstanding delivery with the goods properly labelled and packed. A detailed report of each inspection is filed for our records and can be submitted to the customer for a full evaluation.


We are “round-the-clock” in touch with manufacturers and freight forwarders to coordinate pick-ups and shipments throughout the whole production process. We ensure merchandise is properly labelled and packed and that all documents are correctly issued in line with international shipment rules. We guarantee full support in customs procedures and cooperate with professional reliable freight forwarders granting on time deliveries.


We record and monitor all our customers’ payment terms in an internal expiration dates log book.

In this way we guarantee punctual payments and, whenever requested, support both customer and supplier in the opening of a Letter of Credit.